Veer Bharat Soya Chunk

Soya chunks are also used in making snacks like pakodas, cutlets, burgers, kebabs, and many more. These chunks are used in cooking a variety of Indian curries. Soya chunks are a vegetarian diet, or simply reap the health benefits of soy, soya chunks may be an excellent addition to your diet.

Veer Bharat's Soya chunks first became popular in Northern parts of India. Then, even the non-vegetarians started buying soya chunks and started using them as a substitute for meat. The love for soya chunks caught on in other parts of India gradually.

100 gram of soya chunks has: Calories: 345 kcal & Calcium: 350 mg

Protein: 52 g & Fats: 0.50 g

Carbohydrate: 33 g & Fibre: 13 g & Iron: 20 mg